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Learn More About Canadian Nurses and Supervised Injection Services


The Role of RNs in Supervised Consumption Services

Coalition Survey

Survey findings


Supervised Injection Services Discussion at the University of Ottawa on September 30

Media Coverage of the Coalition

La crise des opioïdes : un espace politique à occuper (la Chaire de recherche Politiques, Connaissances et Santé)

Union merely tells nurses to "protect themselves" during fentanyl crisis (the Georgia Straight)

The overdose epidemic is taking a brutal toll on frontline nurses (the Georgia Straight)

An urgent call to support nurses on the frontline of Vancouver's opioid crisis (the Georgia Straight)

Inaction on the opioid crisis is political negligence (the Radical Nurse)

Nursing organizations missed the mark on the opioid crisis, now what? (the Radical Nurse)

Without nurses, we can't solve the opioid crisis (the Ottawa Citizen)

BC's overdose crisis - Marilou Gagnon (Jill Bennett Show)

Activists bring more pop-up injections sites to Vancouver's overdose 'battle zone' (CBC)

Unsanctioned safe injection sites in the DTES save lives

Nurses want supervised injection sites to be an election issue this fall (Global News)

Interview with Coalition founder Dr. Marilou Gagnon on 1310 News (audio)

Rally outside city hall advocates for overdose prevention (Ottawa Citizen)

Call renewed for safe injection sites (CFRA Ottawa)

Interview with Coalition founder Dr. Marilou Gagnon on CFRA Ottawa (audio)

Nurses push for injection site support on campaign trail (Ottawa Citizen)

RNs say Bill C2 will add barriers to supervised injection facilities (Canadian Nurse)

Press Release

Nursing coalition demands support for supervised injection services from Canada’s political leaders

On Harm Reduction

Out of Harm's Way (Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario)

Bevel Up: Drugs, Users and Outreach Nursing (film)

The Canadian Nurses Association/Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care Joint Position Statement on Harm Reduction

The Canadian Nurses Association's Stance on Harm Reduction and Nursing Practice

Candian Nursing Students' Association Position Statement on Harm Reduction

The Ethical, Legal and Social Context of Harm Reduction (study)

Harm Reduction through a Social Justice Lens (study)

Shifting Moral Values to Enhance Access to Health Care: Harm Reduction as a Context for Ethical Nursing Care (study)

On Insite

The Dr. Peter Centre Harm Reduction Nursing​

Harm Reduction and Nursing Practice at Insite

Injection supervisée : Sous l’œil du personnel infirmier

The Story of BCNU's Support for Insite and Harm Reduction (video)

Welcome to Insite (video)

On Bill C-2

Canadian Association of Nurses in HIV/AIDS Care Brief on Bill C-2

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition/Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network Critical Review of Bill C-2

Canadian Nurses Association Brief on Bill C-2

Respect Communities: Say No to Bill C-2 (video)

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